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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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Click on the photo above to see it in its full glory !!!

Ever since I laid my hands on O2 XDA Serra aka HTC Raphael aka HTC Touch Pro , I have always loved the device despite it’s limitations on battery life and have found some really useful apps during my association with windows mobile (for last five years or so) which found their way onto Serra as well. While I have known for a while that we can flash ROMS, I was perhaps over protective when it came to Serra and never really went beyond doing a HardSPL for device but last Sunday when I was fiddling with the facebook application and SMS registration, I realised that each time I sent an SMS and then tried to open the internet explorer or opera they will just crash demanding a soft reset. I could instantly find the problem to be Kaspersky Anti-Virus(KAV) failure. It is not possible to remove KAV without a hard reset at least not to my knowledge. (A hard reset is what brings your device back to factory conditions). Now since a Hard Reset would mean lot of work in terms of reinstalling all my beloved apps etc, I figured I might as well see if there is some other ROM I could use. This is what triggered my quest.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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************UPDATE for 9.10***************
For Ubuntu 9.10 I was just not able to get it work and finally I figured it out. The problem is with the latest Nvidia driver, the one that ubuntu says recommended. In order to make your TV Out work, you must uninstall the latest release version and install the one just lower than that. (The working version for me was 173.) Then follow these steps:
sudo nvidia-xconfig
sudo reboot
sudo nvidia-settings
Then follow the steps shown below. If you are lucky you wont need to refer Section A of this post at all. I did not have to do that !!!
***************UPDATE for 9.10***************
S-Video did not work out of the box on ubuntu Sony Vaio combination but it was not difficult to have it sorted once the following steps were taken.

I am giving the steps to set-up TV-Out assuming your n-videa file is working fine, if not follow steps in Section A before completing steps below.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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Alright friends not a huge tip but still I, being new fan of Ubuntu, installed it on my media laptop...Sony VAIO...

one might ask what is media laptop...well I had a bit of problem with my Sony VAIO some 1.5 years back and a key got stuck and as it goes with any Sony product there was no cheap solution at hand...

At that time for some reason it appeared like a motherboard issue and I just bought another Dell laptop...later I realised that it was a keyboard issue so I invested in a wireless keyboard and had two lappies at home just like that :)...I figured that with wireless keyboard VAIO laptop will make perfect companion to my 32" Samsung and hence it got the name of media laptop.

I use this laptop to browse without fear as I will never ever do any important work on it so am never worried of loosing..not that I ended up having any virus at all....and now with Linux I doubt if there will ever be any virus on this laptop....but anyway I have gone on a tangent...

What I started to tell was a tip on how we can make VAIO's inbuilt motioneye webcam to behave and the tip goes as below...

Incase ur webcam is not giving good images on ur Sony VAIO, u may want to try this:

1. Goto System->Preferences->Main Menu
2. In Main Menu window click on Internet in left hand navigation under "Menu" and then click on Skype" in right hand under "Items".
3. Now click on "Properties" button.
4. It will open a Launcher Properties dialogue box.
5. In third field "Command" replace "Skype" with this line:
bash -c 'LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ skype'

That is it. You should now have a properly working motioneye with skype.

There is more info on this link:

Ciao !!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

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While I have moved on from P990i which is now in safe hands of my dear wife, I remember doing some good amount of web searching and still had no idea how to set up push-mail on P990i.

I then thought I will configure a mail anyway and to my surprise the device is capable of enabling push-mail on it's own as I found while fiddling along. Anyway I have configured push-mail for wifey dear and she was mighty impressed...:-)

The steps I followed are as below:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

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Linux4one is the only Linux distro other than pre-installed Linpus that worked out of the box on my and two other Acer aspire one A150L which belonged to my friends. With the GUI same as that for Ubuntu Netbook Remix, it is a fantastic OS to have on your machine. The only downside I felt was that the icons looked little washed out compared to those on actual UNR but that is not so much of an issue. Everything pretty much worked out of the box which matters the most. I did find the splash screen at the time of start-up a little childish but again these are not major issues.

However if you would rather have a more professional look and feel, Ubuntu may be your choice. Refer to other post on step by step process for installing Ubuntu Netbook Remix but be forewarned that not everything works as well on UNR as of now, at least not for me. I am still working and finding out more on how these can work but given the fact that my knowledge of Linux is zero it can take some time. I have compiled these tutorials solely by hunting on net and felt this will be my way of giving back to community. I hope you find it useful. If you do find this useful, please dont forget to put a comment. A thanks will be enough to keep me motivated.

Without further ado, the process is as below.

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